Finding An Authentic Tiffany Lamp

Finding An Authentic Tiffany Lamp A Tiffany lamp is the perfect representation or symbol of the types of treasures estate sales are perfect for! For those with a passion for antique décor or historic names in design, an authentic Tiffany lamp is something to be revered, and we at Heritage Estate Sales want to make sure you’re working with the real thing. Whether you’re having an estate sale and believe you’re in possession of an authentic Tiffany lamp, or you’re in search for one and are looking to estate sales to find the perfect piece, a few authenticity tips can really help in knowing what you genuinely have. These few tips on identifying true and authentic Tiffany lamps include: 

  • Look at the form of the lampshade – The lampshade will really tell a Tiffany lamp apart from the many reproductions that have come into the market in recent years. A true Tiffany lampshade will have a more organic shape and less of a rigid perfect shape than the reproduction pieces, making it appear looser in comparison. The geometric patterns found within the lampshade glass will often include botanical elements, bugs, geometric, or feather type designs. 
  • Check for a rattle – When you think you have an authentic Tiffany lamp in hand, take the lampshade and gently tap on the glass. If you don’t hear a rattle, it means the glass and construction are very rigid, indicating a reproduction Tiffany style. If the glass does rattle a bit, this is a good sign that what you’re holding is genuine. 
  • Inspect each color – Tiffany lamps are famous for their use of highly saturated and intense colors. Confetti glass with specks of different colors, various textures, and opaque tones are specialties often only found together in genuine Tiffany pieces. One simple way to check the color tones to determine if you’re working with a real Tiffany lamp is to check for a silvery sheen to colors, translucent golds, or greenish tints to gold colored glass. If any of these are found, you’re likely to be working with a reproduction. 
  • See if the color rubs off – Tiffany lamps embed color into the glass, meaning this color will not rub, will not wear, and will not fade for the life of the glass. Many reproductions attempted to emulate Tiffany’s vibrant colors by painting over top of the glass, which may begin rub off on a finger or moistened cotton swab. 

Whether you’re looking for a Tiffany lamp, or you have one you wish to sell in an estate sale, see what we can do for you today at Heritage Estate Sales!