Important Aspects To Look For In Comic Books At Estate Sales

Important Aspects To Look For In Comic Books At Estate SalesWhen you hear the words estate and sale in the same sentence, you may receive vivid images of antique furniture in your mind. The truth is that estate sales are for way more than antiques and furniture. There are household items for daily use at the fraction of the cost, and collectibles can be found lurking around every corner. Comic books may not be one of your everyday run of the mill type of items, but if you do find them, look for these things to maximize your return.

Certain Aspects Contribute To A Comic Book’s Worth

The first aspect to look at to help you make a determination of whether the comic is valuable, or not, is the date. Much like with any other type of collectible, comics appreciate with age if they are kept in pristine condition. Typically, if you are looking to maximize your return, you will want to look for dates from the 70’s. Some of these items can fetch a pretty penny, and at times, they can be purchased relatively cheaply.

Look at the characters that are portrayed in the comic closely. Batman, Spider-Man, Superman, and many of the more traditional superhero comics are likely worth more than others. Lesser known characters may still be worth some monetary value, but the bigger names are typically going to be worth more. Pay extra close attention to first appearances, as issues that contain big name first appearance characters, can cause the value of the piece in question to skyrocket.

Issue numbers can also be a determining factor in a comic’s worth. A comic with an issue number of 1 is likely going to be worth more than one with an issue number of 58. This is not always the case, but for the best chance at finding a needle in a haystack, choose comic books that have lower issue numbers.

Keep Your Eyes Peeled

You never know when there is going to be a diamond hidden in the rough. Keep your eyes peeled for comic books, novels, and memorable magazines or newspapers in an attempt to maximize your return on the items. Before you let the antique furniture images pop into your head, know that estate sales are for so much more.

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