What We Leave Behind

What We Leave BehindWhen life comes full circle, or when it comes to an abrupt end, those we leave behind are left to pick up the pieces of their broken hearts and try to move forward. If someone you love has passed on through death, or has decided to pass on through divorce, you might find yourself with a lot of their possessions without any clue what to do with them. Continue reading

Let’s Dish About Dishes

Let’s Dish About DishesDishes are still one of the most popular items on a bridal registry. From fine China to designer sets, dishes can be beautiful enough to stand alone on display and can set the tone for any special occasion.  As time passes, you might find yourself collecting different sets for different uses.

Now that you are ready to have your estate sale, you find that you may have collected more than you intended to!  No worries; your well-loved pieces might be worth more than you can imagine. Continue reading

Everything Must Go; And We Mean Everything!

Everything Must Go; And We Mean Everything! Thinking about having an estate sale, but not sure if your items will sell?  Think again. If you’ve never been to an estate sale, you might be surprised at the items you’ll find.  It’s more than just fine jewelry and antique paintings, though you may find those as well.  Estate sales are about selling everything inside the home; items that one might just donate, or even throw away, under the assumption that nobody would want them.  At the Chatsworth estate sale held in early June, items included: Continue reading

Coveted Costume Jewelry

Coveted Costume Jewelry Most people know that fine jewelry is typically worth some value.  Pieces that are made of high quality materials (such as silver and gold) or by coveted designers (such as Cartier and Tiffany) are worth much more than something you might buy in the local discount store.

When it comes to costume jewelry, people often assume that it isn’t worth very much, but what you don’t know might surprise you. Continue reading

How To Spot A Fake Rolex

How To Spot A Fake RolexAn estate sale can be difficult when trying to determine if the item you are looking at is real or a fake. There isn’t really enough time to take a watch somewhere to have a professional opinion, or time to call someone else into take a look. The best way to know what you are looking at is by gathering a few tricks to look for before you get there. Continue reading

The Secrets Of An Estate Sale

The Secrets Of An Estate SaleWhen heading to an estate sale, there are a few tricks of the trade to remember. The purpose of an estate sale is to get rid of a large amount of stuff, so the seller may be willing to work with you to strike a deal. Here is a list of a few tips to be sure your trip to an estate sale is successful. Continue reading