6 Easy Money Making Household Items

6 Easy Money Making Household ItemsThinking of doing an estate sale? You might be surprised by the selling potential of some of your household and personal items that sellers often overlook. There may be many collectibles and treasures throughout your home that can bring in the dough, but here are 6 under-the-radar items that tend to fly out the door. Continue reading

Shopping For A Set Of Wheels

Shopping For A Set Of Wheels Are you in the market for a car, but hate going to the lots where pushy salesmen try to get you to buy something you don’t want? Are you looking for something vintage or collectable? Whatever your vehicle desires are, from classic cars to golf carts, one place to look is an estate sale. Continue reading

What Ever Happened To Beanie Babies?

What Ever Happened To Beanie Babies?Do you remember 1993? If so, one of the things that might stand out to you the most is the Beanie Baby craze. People bought these bean-bagged creatures at alarming rates, hoping that one day they would bring them a small fortune. If you never got on the Beanie Baby bandwagon, don’t be worried. The craze died down, and most of the Beanies sold back then are worth very little today. Continue reading

How To Shop Smart At An Estate Sale

How To Shop Smart At An Estate Sale Once upon a time, estate sales occurred when the rich-old-widowed-Aunt who never had children passed away. The next-of-kin was notified and left to sell the estate and everything in it. In today’s world, that still happens on occasion, but estate sales can happen for a variety of reasons. There are multiple events that lead to the sale of a multitude of possessions. Estate sales can happen when people get divorced or retire and need to sell their possessions. And some people just want to downsize and live lighter and with less, so an estate sale is the perfect way to get rid of the stuff you’ve acquired and make a little money doing it. Continue reading

Holding An Estate Sale In The Aftermath Of A Loss

Holding An Estate Sale In The Aftermath Of A Loss When we suffer a loss, we become fragile. The slightest thing can send you into a tailspin of confusion. You hope that things will go easy for you, but sometimes, they do not. Losing a parent, a close friend, or even a marriage can be devastating and the first thing you want to do is find a way to recover. You’ll have to adjust to a new way of life; a new way to exist without these fundamental relationships in your life. Normal takes on a whole new meaning and it feels like the faster you can get there, the better you’ll feel. Continue reading