5 Things To Look For The Next Time You Visit An Estate Sale

5 Things To Look For The Next Time You Visit An Estate SaleEstate sales have some pretty unique offerings, but visiting one with no idea of what you’re looking for can be a little overwhelming. You have clothing, furniture, toys, collectibles, outdoor items, knick-knacks, and so much more – so how do you prioritize your time and your cash? The 5 things you should look for the next time you visit an estate sale are:


1. Wingback chairs – Wingback chairs have been popular since the 1600’s, and a vintage version will never go out of style in your home. Comfortable, yet decorative, they were originally designed with the dramatic “wing” look to keep fireplace smoke away from the person relaxing in the chair.

2. Demilunes – While Demilunes were a big hit in 1700’s France, it was really Jackie Kennedy who brought them back into fashion in the United States. These half-moon shaped tables were all the rage during the 1960’s, and they provide a great option for tabletop surfaces in smaller spaces, or a great vintage statement piece.

3. Silver – True silver flatware, silver tea sets, or silver accents, there is no better place to seek out antique silver than at a local estate sale.

4. Jewelry – Whether new or decades old, jewelry is an ever popular estate sale item. Estate sales often have a bevy of costume and fine jewelry covering various styles and every price range.

5. Big furniture pieces – The biggest concern many have with purchasing large furniture is its lasting power, as these large pieces are often something of an investment. At estate sales, you can see how the furniture has held up through the times already, assuring you you’re investing in a solid and high-quality piece.


If you’re not sure what to look for at your next estate sale, check us out at HeritageEstateSale.com today!