Finding Deals at Estate Sales

Finding Deals at Estate SalesIf you are always on the hunt for a deal, then estate sales may be just what you are looking for. Estate sales are like yard sales on steroids and offer a bigger inventory and better selection. However, there are a few do’s and dont’s you should consider before finding your next estate sale.


  • It is always best to attend the very first day of the sale. The first day will ensure that you get first pick of the better items that are available and you can also get a better idea on the prices and if it would be better to come back on the last day of the sale when the items are typically discounted
  • Always go early. Being first in line for entry is always an advantage when you are on the hunt for the next great deal. A few estate sales may also limit the amount of people that are allowed to enter the home at a time
  • Always ask about payment terms before you make a significantly larger purchase. Make sure that they are able to take credit card payments or if they are limited to cash only purchases
  • Ask about pick up policies in case you see a larger piece you want, but you will have to come back to pick it up. Find out if you purchase now if you can return later that same day or even the morning of the following day to pick up the items
  • Ask about other items in the home such as window treatments and lighting fixtures if you see something you like. Sometimes the prices may have been missed on some items, and it never hurts to ask


  • Haggling is probably not a good idea when it is only the first day of the sale. If you want to barter and haggle down prices, the last days of the sale will be the best time to do so
  • Estate sales are typically liquidating the entire estate, so it is okay to walk the house. Just pay attention to any areas that may be clearly marked off, other than that, feel free to wander
  • Never feel offended if you are feeling watched by security or you are asked to garnish your receipt. Many people are in and out of the sales, so it is no wonder that security will be present to help protect the owner’s assets when they can

Estate sales are a great place to find a good deal and stock up on what you may need for your own home. Following the simple list above will help you sail easily through your next estate sale with little to no worry.