Making Music: Feast Your Eyes And Ears On This

Making Music: Feast Your Eyes And Ears On This If you’re a music lover, an Estate Sale is the place for you. You might be amazed at the gear and equipment you can find at a fair and reasonable price. But it’s not just about finding something new, it’s about finding something that you just can’t find anywhere else.

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There are plenty of places to buy gear related to playing music, such as guitars and keyboards. There are also plenty of places to buy gear related to listening to music, such as stereos and portable devices. These items are often brand new and carry the latest technologies to give you just what you need. But what happens if you want something vintage? Something unique? Something that no one else has or sells? That’s where an Estate Sale comes in.

There’s Vintage Equipment

If you’re a part of Generation X, you remember the joy of making mixed tapes on your dual cassette player. Try finding one of those for sale today! Since the invention of CDs and MP3s, cassette tapes have gone the way of the 8-track tape. But, at the Porter Ranch Estate Sale in August, we sold not one, but two vintage dual cassette decks. This sale also featured an Aiwa stereo system and a Pioneer DEH-345 car stereo. These are items that sound just as good as you remember, but you’d be hard-pressed to find today.

There’s Vintage Gear

Though we know that you can buy a brand-new guitar at the local Guitar Center, styles and availability change through the years. At the Brentwood Estate Sale last fall, we sold Rickenbacker Carl Wilson guitars, John Lennon Epiphone Casino guitars, and a few Fenders and Taylors. The Encino Estate Sale in July featured a Yamaha keyboard and a vintage electric guitar. These are pieces that your friends would envy.

There’s New Stuff, Too

Some people might be thinking, “Yes, but I want something new; not used.” Well, Estate Sales have that, too. In fact, our sale in Simi Valley this past summer offered both used and new Bluetooth headphones, Sony, Pioneer, and Denon stereo head units with HDMI inputs, and Beats Studio headphones that were still in the box.

You just don’t know what you’ll see when you visit an Estate Sale; but wouldn’t you like to find out? Visit our website to discover where our next estate sale will be held. It just might be music to your eyes!