Mistakes to Avoid When Shopping Estate Sales

Mistakes to Avoid When Shopping Estate SalesEstate sales are the perfect setting to find great deals and savings on a wide selection of items. You can find competitive prices and great inventory; however, you should also be aware of a few mistakes that you should try to avoid when shopping your next estate sales.

Review Photos

Before traveling to an estate sale, it is always a promising idea to review any photos of the sale that are available online so you can have a better idea of what you can expect. It will also help you plan your weekend and help decide which sales you should probably visit first on your list.

Wait in Line

While you may not want to wait in line at an estate sale, you should remember how beneficial it may be if you are in line and one of the first people able to enter the estate. Getting to the sale early and standing in line is an easy way to ensure that you will get into the sale right away. Many sales will actually limit the number of people that are allowed in at a time, so if you are late, you may find yourself waiting even longer than if you had been early and had gotten in line.

Posted Rules

Typically, there are rules posted outside of the sale to inform shoppers of what you can and cannot do. Most sales will not allow you to carry in a bag or a bigger purse. It is very likely that you will be asked to take the purse or bag back to your vehicle before you are able to enter.

Always check the payment information as well. Be sure that they accept cash and credit cards before you go in. Also, the rules should also explain any pickup policies they may have in place for larger items.

Front to Back

It is best to go directly to the room in which you can find what you may be looking for. If it is a kitchen item, then go directly to the kitchen, for example. Once you find what you want, you can then take your time and wander through the rest of the sale. Always grab what you came for first.

If you try to avoid these common mistakes people make at estate sales, then you are sure to have a more than successful weekend shopping trip.