Taking The Steps To A Great Estate Sale

Taking The Steps To A Great Estate Sale You don’t have to be going through hardship to have an Estate Sale. Many people are under the false assumption that Estate Sales are somber occasions that happen when an elderly window passes away, leaving piles of worthless possessions to her children’s children to disperse of. Some people might think that when a married couple finally divorces in grand Hollywood-fashion, an Estate Sale divides their fortunes.

While these scenarios might be true in some circumstances, many people who have Estate Sales are just ready to take the next step in their lives and downsize. They are ready to move forward and continue on the journey of life with fewer items weighing them down. The possessions they have are far from worthless and the occasion is far from somber. In fact, if done correctly, an Estate Sale can be a rather fun and exciting event.

Are you ready to have an Estate Sale? Ready to say goodbye to the items you’ve accumulated over the years, but have no idea what to do with? Ready to take the proper steps to have the best Estate Sale ever? Read on.

Step 1 – Take inventory. Look at what you have by pulling it up from the basement, down from the attic, and out from the depths of the walk-in closet. Look it over and make some notes so you know what you have.

Step 2 – Clean everything. Wipe off the dust and dirt and make the items presentable. Separate the “junk” from the goods, but keep some of the good-quality junk for lower cost offerings. Schedule a cleaning day to get your home in prime shape for the upcoming sale.

Step 3 – Take pictures. Get a good quality camera and take the best pictures possible of all the items for sale. You’ll want to have plenty of good photos on hand for your sale; 300 is never too many.

Step 4 – Make signs. Plaster signs all over the area so that people will know exactly when and where the Estate Sale will be held. Take out an ad, announce it online, and do your best to make sure that enough people know about the sale to provide a great turnout.

Step 5 – Back up. That’s right; go back to step 1 and then call Heritage Estate Sales because we’ll handle it all from there. We’ll go through your inventory, we’ll separate the quality items from the not-so-quality, we’ll clean and set up your home for the sale, we’ll get the word out so that everyone knows about it, and then we’ll spend the weekend conducting the sale. Easy for you, standard for us.

We enjoy every Estate Sale that we host, so it’s fun for us. And when a professional is handling every aspect of your sale, you’ll have fewer worries so it will be fun for you.

Give us a call at 818-206-8565 to get started on the next step of your journey. After all, you can’t move forward until you put the past behind you. And at Heritage Estate Sales, we’ll help you move forward, one step at a time.