Undervaluing Belongings Can Contribute To A Bad Estate Sale Experience

Undervaluing Belongings Can Contribute To A Bad Estate Sale ExperienceEstate sales happen for many different reasons, but the bottom line is that sellers expect to make a profit from them. The loss of a loved one is not an occasion to celebrate, and neither is having to move across town. However, selling belongings at your estate sale can offset the burial, moving, or other expenses associated with these tasks. Proper planning, pricing, and knowing flexible price options can contribute to a good estate sale experience.

The entire process can become tiresome and stressful if you are attempting to organize the sale on your own. Searches need to be completed online to figure out competitive prices, belongings must be set up in a way that attracts attention, and cleaning up after the sale can become just as grueling. Allow our knowledgeable team at Heritage Estate Sales to handle these exhausting aspects for you, and together we can ensure that your sale is a success.

Things That Our Organization Has To Offer

Getting the word out about an estate sale is not always the easiest of tasks. Fortunately, by choosing our services, you gain access to our extensive mailing list and eBay store to reach the most customers for a good turn out. Traditional advertising methods like newspaper ads also get the info out, and so do more technologically savvy ways like social media posts. Regardless of how much planning, organizing, and scheduling that you do, without filling the seats, profits from the sale will dwindle quickly.

Cleaning up after a sale is kind of like coming home to a dirty house after vacation. Nobody wants to pick up the mess, especially after others have tracked dirt and debris onto floors, but it must be done to make sure the home is ready for the realtors to show to potential buyers. For an additional but little cost, we can schedule a cleanup crew that will leave the house empty with all of the floors swept.

Within a mere ten days after the sale, you will receive an itemized list of everything that sold, items that became donated to charity, and a check with your part of the proceeds. Our company works off of a percentage basis, which means that there are no upfront costs to you. The length of the sale depends entirely on the size of the estate, but they typically take place over a two to four day period.

Give our office at (818) 206-8565 and allow us the opportunity to show you why so many people have entrusted us with their estate sale.